Here's one scenario:

A good friend of mine several years back, before he knew about companies such as The Home Solvers, tried to sell a house with a local Realtor who came very highly recommended.

The first thing he had to do was go through pages and pages of paperwork that is typical in a real estate transaction.

Then the Realtor didn't like how certain things looked and didn't think it would show well so he had to spend an additional $5,300 dollars to ensure it “showed” well.

After that he had to constantly change his schedule to accommodate potential buyers, many of whom weren't even qualified to buy his home.

He was 3 months into the process before he finally received an offer. Then the negotiations went on for 2 weeks. It was a stressful process for him and the stress spilled over into his work and family life as well.

Finally they agreed on a price and plenty more paperwork came into play.

Another 3 weeks went buy and he received a call from his Realtor who told him that the financing fell though and now the buyer couldn't get the loan

So he had to start all over and go through the process again. Well another month went by and another buyer submitted an offer.

Guess what happened? The same thing. The buyers financing fell through and he had to start again. His Realtor should have qualified the buyer better but I'm sure he had other things to attend to.

Fortunately for my friend the next buyer actually qualified and bought his home but he had it on the market for almost 7 months.