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Do you want or need to sell your house quickly due to one of these reasons...

Tired of incompetent agents? Divorce?
Has your listing expired? Can't afford?
Is your house vacant? Needs Repairs?
Making payments on 2 houses? In Foreclosure?
On a contingency for a new house? Bad tenants?
Job transfer or relocation? Low equity?

These are common problems and can happen to anyone.

When faced with one of these situations you have three choices:

  • Try to sell your house using a Realtor
  • Sell your house on your own - FSBO
  • Sell to a professional real estate company like
    The Home Solvers
So which choice is right for you?

There are several things to consider. Let's spend a little time on each.

Try to sell the house with a Realtor

Most people underestimate the time and hassle selling a house with a Realtor requires. They face all sorts of issues including:

  • It costs up to 7% of your sales price to use a Realtor
    • 2-3% in commissions
    • 2-3% in closing costs and title work
  • It can take up to 6 months to complete the deal.
  • There are stacks and stacks of papers that need to be read, understood and signed.
  • Showing your house on other people's schedules.
  • Having strangers rummaging through your house.
  • Taking care of repairs so it “shows” just right.
  • The negotiation process can be grueling and stressful.
  • You may have to go through this process several times over if the deal falls though.


Warning: Do not let your house sit unsold for months before you read this… (you owe it to yourself)

A friend selling his house though a reputable Realtor.
( Real Life Story ) - Click Here

So if you are considering selling your house with a Realtor, you really need to ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • Do I have at least 10% equity to cover the cost of using a realtor?
  • Do I have 6 months to wait for this house to sell?
  • Do I want to put up with strangers walking through my house for the next 6 months and having to arrange my schedule to accommodate them?
  • Can I afford to continue paying the principle, interest, insurance, taxes, and utilities for the next 6 months waiting for my house to sell?

If you answered yes to all four of these questions, you should seriously consider using a Realtor.

If you answered NO to even one of these questions, you should give us a call and check out some of our solutions.

Click Here To See How The Home Solvers Can Help You Avoid All of That.

Selling Your House Yourself (FSBO)

There are several overlooked problems with FSBO's:

  • Not enough lookers, not enough buyers. Selling a home by yourself handicaps the amount of attention drawn to your home. Sure you can run an ad in the paper and maybe advertise it online but marketing is a complex science. You really need the know-how to sell your home quickly.
  • The potential liabilities can be high since the local and state real estate authorities are constantly changing the laws and regulation regarding the sale of real estate. Just because you are not using a real estate agent doesn't make you exempt from these stringent guidelines.
  • Most buyers use a real estate agent because it's free to them (sellers pay the commission) so you are still looking at paying half of the commission and hoping you used all the correct wording and paperwork to protect yourself.
  • Due to the complexity of selling a house, most FSBO's end up as listings anyways.
  • Most FSBO's take at least and sometimes longer than 6 months to complete the process.

Now, if you can handle all the details and solve the typical closing problems, you can save thousands on agent commissions. You will only have to pay the closing costs.

Keep Reading To See How The Home Solvers Can Help You Avoid All of That.

Sell Your House To The Home Solvers:

Here's what you get when you sell to us:

  • A firm offer within 48 hours
    If your house qualifies you can avoid making time for strangers to walk through your house and open houses on the weekends.
    Once you talk to us, we won't keep you on hold, we will find out within 48 hours which program your house qualifies for.
    If after reviewing our offer you decide not to sell with us, you always have your other two options.

  • A Fast & Guaranteed Closing!
    We work directly with private investors which give us access to capital which eliminates a long, drawn out bank approval. We are already qualified so you don't have to worry about the deal falling through at the last minute.

  • No Commissions or Fees
    We don't charge commissions and we do pay closing costs most of the time.

  • We handle all of the paperwork
    We take care of all the paperwork and take the time to explain it to you.

  • Take advantage of our “Pick up ‘N Go” program
    This allows you to avoid doing any repairs and allows you to leave what you don't want. Just take what you want and leave the rest behind for us to clean up.

  • Move when you're ready
    We're flexible and if needed, you may be able to stay in the house for a bit after closing.

  • We can help you pay less tax on your profits
    Although we are not CPA's we do know certain tax codes that the wealthy use all the time to save money on taxes when it comes time to sell their property.

  • Deal with Honest, Professional people
    The Home Solvers is comprised of honest, ethical people. We don't just want to buy your house. We want you to be happy so you will refer us to your friends, co-workers and family so we can buy their house when they are ready to sell.

Can we really buy your house that easily?

Maybe. Maybe not. A lot of it depends on you.  If you want to get above market price for your house, please use Realtors.  We are professionals and we do expect to make a profit.  But, we are not out to steal your house either.  Our profit will come from appreciation and from our future buyer. However, we're NOT a replacement for a real estate agency listing service for people who're trying to "save a real estate commission". Rather we could be viewed as your "Plan B" - for the time when Realtors failed to deliver the sale, or you're not willing to wait for them to perform.

So how do I get started?

The Easiest Way is to fill out our Property Form.

The Fastest Way is to call our office at 1-619-920-9636

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