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The HOME SOLVERS is a Christian-based organization that believes in serving the needs of others first.
We understand that bad things can happen to good people.

Our Goal is to solve as many of these problems as we can. Then we can positively impact our community, and make a difference.


We are a Full Service
Real Estate - Solutions Company

About The Home Solvers

Mission Statement:

With Integrity, Respect and Empathy – Create Solutions for homeowners during difficult times by understanding their situation and challenges.

The Home Solvers was created by a local San Diegan, Dennis Sablan . He is a also a licensed Real Estate Agent, but as a Real Estate Investor – does not need your listing and will not charge commissions or fees as an investor.

Not too long ago, Dennis was widowed and left with three young children. The youngest was 1 year old at the time, yet Dennis always believed with faith, there was a way to win and share his story to help others. As a single father, Dennis is well aware of the many challenges that face today's homeowners and families. “Whether you pick up the newspaper, or watch the news, it's all very real. Homeowners and families are experiencing so many financial difficulties everyday.”

With his faith in God, and a keen determination to make the world a better place, he formed THE HOME SOLVERS. He realized in order to make a difference, he would have to work first in his community helping neighbors with financial challenges.

What we have seen across America over the last decade has been a shocking reality:

  • Divorces are greater than a 50% rate.
  • Bankruptcies have tripled.
  • Foreclosures have doubled.
  • To achieve the American dream, many have bought homes with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's)… which are now adjusting.
  • Americans are losing jobs, many being sent overseas.
  • Companies are downsizing everyday.

We can only guess how many families have been impacted by these unfortunate statistics.

If you would like to learn more, or if any of our solutions can help you, please send an email to Dennis at or call 619-920-9636.